WordPress & React Developer at Salah Software Solution· Full-time

Job Responsibilities:
– Familiarity with ThemeForest marketplace and experience with developing themes and plugins for sale.
– Knowledge of ThemeForest’s submission and review process, and ability to ensure that themes and plugins meet quality standards.
– Ability to work on soft rejected themes and templates and resubmit them for final approval.
– Expertise in WordPress development, including custom themes and plugins, as well as experience with various WordPress frameworks.
– Strong proficiency in React.js and ability to build reusable components and implement responsive web designs.
– Familiarity with RESTful APIs and integration with backend services like WordPress REST API.
– Understanding of web development best practices, including performance optimization, code quality, and security.
– Knowledge of front-end build tools like Webpack, Babel, and Gulp, and experience with version control using Git.
– Experience with JavaScript libraries like jQuery and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.
Familiarity with CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS.
– Experience with web development tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and Figma.
– Proficient in task management using Trello, including creating and assigning tasks and monitoring progress.
– Experience with code debugging techniques and tools like Chrome DevTools and console.log statements.
– Strong proficiency in Git version control system, including branching, merging.
– Familiarity with GitHub and experience with collaborative coding, pull requests, and issue tracking.
– Experience with database systems like MySQL and MongoDB, including design, optimization, and querying.
– Ability to create documentation for themes and plugins, including installation and customization instructions.
– Strong communication and collaboration skills, with experience using communication tools like Skype.

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